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A Glance at NRG Economy Shower Heads

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Our economy spray clean shower heads - 1.5 gpm (NRG StoreAmazon) and 2.0 gpm (NRG StoreAmazon) -  are some of our most popular items.  We decided to take a look at our Amazon reviews and figure out why.  

(source: review page for our 1.5 gpm economy shower head2.0 gpm economy shower head)

1.  Water saving, but still a good pressure 

"You get a reduction in water used, which saves money, and there isn't much difference in pressure from my 10 year old shower head either."  

"I attached a toddler shower accessory that lowered the pressure of my shower head to an unacceptable level. This shower head fixed the problem completely. Brought the pressure back up and works awesome."

"I can't tell much of a difference in water pressure."

2. Good pattern 

"I don't really miss the extra pressure and I can save a little money. It has a good gentle shower and nice coverage." 

"It has a better water pattern than any of the other shower heads that I had tried, and although it is noticeably less water, the pattern of the shower head nozzles makes up for it."

"This shower head, though, has full water coverage (as you can guess from the picture of the nozzles), and there is no pressure-washer effect. It's a nice, gentle stream."

3.  Good value 

 "For the price it is hard to beat."

"I've tried many different showerheads in the $1 to $30 price range and they've all either sucked, fallen apart after a few uses or got clogged up by hard water deposits in a month or two... in searching for a replacement I stumbled on this one...  I'm in heaven! Why couldn't this have come out years ago??" 

4. Easy cleaning - good for hard water areas 

"The hard water here has clogged a few of the lower spouts but a quick brush of my finger cleared them right up, so I'm getting the full flow the head is capable of."

"Because I have very hard water, I was always replacing my $10 basic shower head (2.5gpm) I bought from Target about once every year. I installed the Super Spray Clean... quickly and easily to my shower water filter with no problems."

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