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3 Easy Insulation Fixes

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Improving your home's insulation doesn't have to mean a major home improvement project.  You can start by finding drafts that exist in most homes.  

1. Doors

Gaps under doors let air seep out, sending your home's warmth into the great outdoors.   You may be able to make your door close tighter with a door strike, a small metal plate that keeps your door snug against the weatherstrip.  You can quickly check a door just by noticing any cold spots around the door, or by checking if the door closes tightly against the weatherstrip. Door sweeps can help as well. 

Door strike draft stopper

2. Outlets and Light Switches 

Outlets carry power through your home, but they also carry drafts.   An easy way to check our light switches and outlets is to place your hand on the plate and see if you can feel any cold!  If the plate feels cold, you may have a draft that you need to fix.  Putting insulation against the plate can reduce the draft and save money.   An even easier fix is to add safety caps to unused outlets (this has the added benefit of making the outlet safer as well!)

Outlet and light switch gaskets to reduce drafts

3.  Windows 

Have you ever noticed a draft coming from your windows?  If you press your hand against window glass during the winter, it will usually feel pretty icy!  Windows waste considerable amounts of energy.   You can reduce this loss by using a simple shrink wrap solution. 

Shrink Wrap Insulation Kit

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