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The Faucet Aerator Guide

1) Determine faucet aerator housing size

For standard (non-cache) aerators 


--------------Regular ------------------------- Junior ----------------------- Tom Thumb

For cache aerators (hidden aerators) 



2) Determine if you need male or female (if you need a housing)

NRG carries Dual threaded aerators that will fit both male & female standard size faucets.

3) Choose stream type and flow rate

New Resources Group offers aerators in a variety of stream types and flow rates to suit different applications.  

Aerated stream

Aerators introduce air into the water stream to produce a larger and whiter stream soft to the touch and non-splashing. Aerators are the usual choice for residential faucet applications. NRG water saving aerators come in low flow rates to provide maximum savings.  Our aerators. 

Laminar stream

Laminar stream straighteners produce a non-aerated water stream. Ideal for high flow applications or health care facilities (no mix water/air) NEOPERL® laminar spout-end devices deliver a crystal clear and non-splashing stream.

Multiple Laminar Spray 

When the flow rate is too low to produce an aerated or laminar stream a spray device is used to produce a miniature shower pattern to provide full coverage of the hands during washing. Great use in kitchens. Sprays are recommended for use in public lavatories. 

Flow performance

Water & Energy Conservation products cover a wide range of flow rates to meet the needs of residential, commercial and institutional faucet applications. 

Water & Energy Conservation provides quality low flow water & money saving aerators and products.