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3 Fast-and-Easy Fall Insulating Tips

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Temperatures getting colder makes anyone start thinking about insulation, but it's hard finding the time for massive home improvement projects.  Fortunately, there are many fast, inexpensive, and easy ways to improve your home's insulation, keeping you warmer and reducing your energy waste and bills.  

1.  Place Door Sweeps Under Exterior Doors 

Doors that face the outside let hot air in and cold air out through the gaps around the door.  Adding an adhesive "sweep" to your door seals the gap on the bottom and increases energy efficiency.  


1. Purchase an NRG door sweep 4 pack that lets you insulate multiple doors at $13.99 ($3.50/sweep) (Amazon, Our Web Store).  Since door sweeps need periodic replacement, this four pack also prepares you for future winters.  You can also take a look at other door sweep offerings. 

2. Lightly sand the bottom 2" of the door.  Make sure the surface is clean and dry.  Cut the sweep to the width of the door with scissors or a razor knife.  

3. With door closed, hold sweep to the bottom so that the flexible sweep part bends slightly on the floor.  Mark with a pencil.  

4. Remove the protective backing and press the sweep firmly into place.  Tacks or staples can assist on corners if necessary.  

2.  Add Gasket Covers to Outlets and Light Switches 

Light switches and outlets help carry electricity through your home, but they also carry air currents, or drafts, that take warm air out of your home and let cold air in, raising your heating bill and wasting energy.  Fortunately, it is very easy to patch over these hidden leaks.  


1.  Purchase an NRG insulating pack for $5.89 for comprehensive coverage at a good price (32 outlets, 16 light switches), or take a look at other offerings. 

2.  IMPORTANT: Turn off power to the outlet or switch at the circuit breaker. 

3.  Remove outlet or switch cover plate.  Punch out pre-cut centers from the gasket. 

4. Place the gasket in position between the cover plate and the wall and and add the cover plate back to the outlet or switch. 

3. Add Strike Plates to Doors 

Just because your door is shut tightly enough to keep it closed doesn't mean it's tight enough to be energy efficient.  Door Strikes tightens your door and improves energy efficiency.  


1. Purchase a plate from NRG, or take a look at other offerings.

2. Use screwdriver to remove the old strike plate (under your door).  

3.  Screw the strike plate back into place and enjoy your new savings. 

Have comments?  Insulating tips of your own?  Experiences to share about NRG or other insulating products?  Add a comment below! 

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