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Quantity Discounts On Our Site

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How to get Quantity Discounts on 

We strive to make our site a great source for both professionals and consumers looking for shower heads, aerators, insulation, and other water and energy saving products. Our site offers numerous quantity breaks for larger orders, and sometimes even for orders with just a handful of the same item. Here's how you can get quantity discounts on our site: 

Visit the page of the product you'd like to order, then click the "Buy in bulk and save" text, which brings up quantity discounts*

How to get quantity discounts on

Quantity discounts table

Pick the quantity you'd like to order, enter it into the "quantity" box at the top of the page, and hit "add to cart." 

The larger quantity added to the cart

The item will be automatically given the lower price in your shopping cart. 

the shower head in this example added to the cart at the discounted priceYou can also get quantity discounts by adding one of the item to your cart, and then increasing the quantity of that item in your cart before checkout. 

Can I look at Quantity Discounts quickly? 

Yes! While browsing a category, hover over the image of a product, and click "Quick View." This will show quick information about the product, including the quantity discounts. 

Quick viewing pricing

Quick view of price breaks for one of our spray clean water saving shower heads


Quantity discounts are applied for buying multiple of the same product. That said, you can still save on shipping by adding multiple products to the same order!

Generally, for larger orders, such as 100 shower heads, you may want to contact us for a quote. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact us, we are here to help! 

*The prices shown reflect prices as of 2-14-2019. Prices, quantity discounts, checkout system, and how they apply are subject to changes that may not be reflected in this article. 

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