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It's Not Too Late To Insulate

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Insulating Your Home Is Easy And Cost Effective - Door Sweeps

Feeling drafts in your home? You may be heating the great outdoors more than you think. Fortunately, it's easy and inexpensive to make your home more energy efficient. This post looks at door sweeps, an easy way to reduce heat-wasting drafts from under your doors. 

Mind The Gap - Door Sweeps 

Doors have a small gap between the door and the threshold because the door needs room to move so it's not dragging along the ground. This means that there's a small space for warm air to escape your home. Gaps under doors also make it easier for fun things like insects, dust, and pollen to enter your home. 

A door sweep is a flexible piece of insulation that attaches to the bottom of your door and "sweeps" along the ground, letting you close out the gap between your door and the threshold. Door sweeps come in many different shapes and sizes. Door sweeps can use brushes, vinyl, or other material to sweep along the ground. Some door sweeps require screws or nails for installation, while others use straps or a self-adhesive. 

NRG Door Sweeps

For our door sweeps, we like to focus on easy installation and cost effectiveness. Our vinyl sweeps come in an economy pack of four, letting you cover four doors in your home. Our door sweeps use a self-adhesive to make installing easier. 

Our Door Sweeps

Door Sweeps

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