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The NRG Quick Guide to Buying a New Shower Head

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You've decided to replace your shower head, but what kind of replacement do you need?  The wrong shower head might clog up just like your old one, and a shower head with a flow rate that's too high might not even meet local standards, hurting your community's water supply and breaking local plumbing codes.  Our quick guide takes you through some simple questions you should ask yourself before buying a new shower head.  

Still not sure about what you need?  Contact us!  We have decades of experience with shower heads. 

1. What are the plumbing codes in your area?   Once upon a time, shower heads had a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.  These days, especially in areas with drought, maximum flow rates are getting pushed lower by local governments and communities trying to save precious water.  By July 2018, the maximum flow rate in California for shower heads will be 1.8 gallons per minute.  Make sure you know your local requirements before buying a shower head that you might not be able to use in a year or two.  

1.75 gpm shower head - meets 1.8 gpm requirements

Our 1.75 gpm Shower Pro shower head, a model that meets 1.8 gpm max flow rate requirements, with .05 gpm to spare!

2. Do you have a hard water problem?  If you're buying a shower head because your old shower head is clogged up, you might want to consider getting an easy-clean shower head designed to do better with hard water.  Otherwise, your new shower head might get clogged up before too long.  We have a variety of Spray Clean shower heads designed for easy cleaning.  

Spray Clean Shower Head for hard water areas

Our Spray Clean shower head, designed to deal with hard water problems with easy cleaning features

3. Are you looking to save water?  Even if your area allows you to use a 2.5 gallon per minute shower head, are you looking to save water for your own reasons?  If you pay the water bill for a property, a shower head that uses less water can save you money on your water bill.  Since shower water is usually heated, a shower head that uses less water also uses less energy, so you can save on your energy bill as well.  You might not even notice much difference between a 2.0 gpm and a 2.5gpm shower head, even though you'll use 20% less water per minute!  

WaterSense Approved Shower Heads (and Aerators)

A list of our EPA WaterSense approved water saving shower heads

4. Do you have limited mobility, or do you you use your shower for other purposes?  For instance, do you use your shower to wash pets, bathe your kids, or household cleaning?  If so, you may want to look at a Handheld Shower Head.  Handheld shower heads are more flexible and can be useful for people with limited mobility, or anyone who needs to use the shower for other purposes.  

Handheld shower heads have advantages for limited mobility or for cleaning needs

Our handheld shower heads offer greater flexibility than fixed mount shower heads, and might help with limited mobility

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